KaOS makes regular ISO releases available, so any (new) user is not confronted with a large or complicated first update. Those who already have KaOS installed do not need to reinstall, a regular sudo pacman -Syu will always give you the latest.

Release Notes for KaOS 2017.04 ISO

MD5SUM KaOS 2017.04: 947c82e90bfd7d9f4e26a295b428a553

MD5SUM KaOS Wayland 2017.04: 4de88aea40041a2cf4bbb4e4b8df5906

Current Version

The April version ships with Plasma 5 as the default desktop, it includes non-free nvidia drivers, KDE Applications 17.04RC, linux kernel 4.10.9 (linux-next is in the repo’s, following the 4.10 series), glibc 2.25, systemd 233, kmod 24, xorg-server 1.19.3, Qt 5.8.0, mesa 17.0.3, calligra 3.0.1, Cantata and the latest versions of qupzilla, octopi, kde-telepathy, seafile, gcc 5.4.1. For those wondering about gtk apps, firefox 52.0.2, chrome 59, thunderbird 52.0, ardour 5.8.0 are among the available in their latest version.

Known Issues

  • Installing on RAID or LVM is currently not possible
  • Hibernate on LUKS enabled swap partitions needs manual intervention, the installer misses some settings to fully support this
  • Kaptan will crash on using a different wallpaper selection. Please use the right click on desktop menu to select a different wallpaper.

To create reliable Media for booting the Live ISO, please select USB or DVD and follow the instructions for either using a USB flash drive or DVD disc. Though UEFI booting is supported, Secure Boot is not at this time. See this link for more on Secure Boot.