A Lean KDE Distribution.

KaOS is an

^1000 indepe

independent distribution

^3500 built from scratch ^1300

focused on Qt and KDE.

KaOS follows the latest innovations, always shipping the most up to date there is available for the Plasma Desktop. This list shows what is being prepared to move to all users soon.

Mirror Status

Visit the Gallery page for screenshots, video showcase and instructional videos.


The idea behind KaOS is to create a tightly integrated rolling and transparent distribution for the modern desktop, build from scratch with a very specific focus. Focus on one DE (KDE Plasma), one toolkit (Qt), one architecture (x86_64) plus a focus on evaluating and selecting the most suitable tools and applications.



All work is geared toward packaging, not developing new tools or applications. There is no goal to make the most possible software available, KaOS will stay limited in size of the repositories, and will work on quality instead of quantity. That goal makes it clear, a large user base is not what is intended or expected.



It targets users who have tried many Operating Systems/Distributions/Desktop Environments and have found they prefer a Distribution that uses all its available resources to work on one DE to make that the best it can be, and know that after their searches, the best for them is KDE Plasma.


KaOS has limited repositories, for many users the options available will be plenty. When that is not the case, one of the reasons why Pacman was chosen for package manager comes into play. It offers about the easiest solution available to build your own packages. KaOS Community Packages (KCP) was created so everyone can share the PKGBUILDs they created or adjusted for KaOS.