Early September Status

Sep 2, 2013

You might have noticed, you were re-directed to a new domain name, maybe noticed a whole new name for the Distribution too.

While this distribution is not really public and has a small user base, having a name that could cause confusion with being an official KDE distribution, was not a real concern. But after the ISO from August 21, many more discovered KdeOS. That meant now is the time to do a name change, so there will be no copyright issues, thus the switch to KaOS.

This was not the only change. A better server was needed. All moved to a VPS. Website, package repositories, package database, forum, etc.
This VPS runs on blazing fast Solid State Disks, has Tier-1 Bandwith with a 1Gb/sec. network interface. You probably notice the difference in speed........
Expanding the VPS will be very easy, should the need ever arise for more disk space/RAM/Bandwith. Mirroring packages is now possible too, two companies have offered to provide mirrors, as soon as they are up, you'll notice that with a pacman -Syu bringing in a new pacman-mirrorlist package.

A new ISO with all these name changes, new web address, mirror, will be out shortly. It is in testing and has KDE 4.11.1, new stable kernel 3.10.10, kmod 15, latest glib2 stack among the more noticable updates. KaOS now offers complete language sets for Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch and English (KDE, Calligra, LibreOffice, Firefox and Thunderbird packs). KDE has not announced the release of 4.11.1 yet, once it is announced the new ISO will be made available through the usual channels.