A FOSS project like KaOS really need that some companies and individuals are willing to sponsor through donating mirror space, hardware and other vital infrastructure. On this page you'll find a list of companies and individuals who are making the development of KaOS into something a bit bigger, more public, possible.

A powerful build-server is vital to keep up for a rolling distro. Dezponia, who has a long-standing history of supporting small FOSS projects with exactly that kind of needed hardware, has decided to support KaOS too. No link, just an homage to Dezponia's favorite cartoon.

Vultr is what is used for both KaOS servers and two KaOS maintained mirrors. It is one of the very few VPS providers that offers complete custom ISO installs. Thus giving the option to have the main server running on KaOS.

Sign-up from this KaOS sponsor link, and you will support KaOS.


LayerJet has graciously offered a first mirror for KaOS.


Dacentec has graciously offered a second mirror for KaOS.


MerMouY has created a first French and second European mirror for KaOS. This is a first KaOS-user created mirror.

Connect Plus

Adam has created a first Czech and fourth European mirror for KaOS sponsored by Connect Plus.

A fourth US mirror is graciously provided by the Princeton University Mathematics Department. This mirror provides a 20 GiG connection, fastest available for KaOS.

Freedif.org has graciously offered a mirror in Vietnam.

German mirror by Alpix.

The Shanghai University Open Source Mirror is supported by the Information Office of Shanghai University and the High-performance Computing Center of Shanghai University in China. It is supported by the NITA Lab of Shanghai University and maintained by the Shanghai University Open Souce Community.


French mirror of Cellix.