• July 6, 2014 - Early July '14 Status - Another month passed where a lot of interesting things happened in KaOS. - First the most visual change. The website has undergone a complete overhaul, this to get easier navigation, have all the navigation menus being fully compatible with Qt5 browsers and have more info about this distribution... More →
  • June 12, 2014 - KaOS ISO 2014.06 - KaOS is proud to announce the availability of the June release of a new stable ISO. The last two months updates were done to a good 1100 packages and to stay with the policy that a first pacman -Syu should be an uncomplicated one for new users means a new ISO is needed. - At the base of the system... More →
  • June 6, 2014 - Early June '14 Status - A very busy month for KaOS is behind us. To start with the usual, though it was a bit more then normal, a good 700 packages were updated, this combined with the 500 or so more the month before, makes it clear, a new ISO is needed soon to stay with the policy to have the first pacman -Syu for new... More →
  • May 5, 2014 - Early May '14 Status - These "Early Month Status" reports are full cycle now, first one was published a year ago, May 2013 Status, so a year indication will be added from now on. - One of the goals from the start has been to keep all packages in all repositories as fully integrated and well maintained as possible, to... More →
  • April 17, 2014 - One year Anniversary ISO KaOS 2014.04 - Many might not know, but it is one year to this date the website went live, the repositories came online, the forum was activated for what has since become the distribution KaOS. A nice way of celebrating this anniversary is with a new ISO featuring the major new release, KDE 4.13.0. - After a good... More →
  • April 7, 2014 - Early April Status - On the surface it has been a fairly quiet month since the ISO release March 4. That doesn't mean nothing was happening, more the opposite, but not all is visible to all users yet. - One of the major changes that is worked on is the preparations for KDE 4.13. Some of you might wonder why KDE 4.12.4... More →

A lean KDE Distribution

DVD ISO Creation

dvd-iconDue to the file system used for compressing the KaOS ISO, creating a bootable DVD ISO needs one clear warning. Any burn-speed used above 4x will likely result in an unusable DVD. On virtual all Linux Distributions, this is no issue.

The native Windows ISO burn program does not give you the option to set at 4x. There are several free options available though for Windows, ImgBurn is one of them.