KaOS makes regular ISO releases available, so any (new) user is not confronted with a large or complicated first update. Those who already have KaOS installed do not need to reinstall, a regular “sudo pacman -Syu” will always give you the latest.

Release Notes for KaOS 2015.02 ISO.

Current Version

The February version is the first KaOS ISO that ships with Plasma 5 as the default desktop, it includes non-free nvidia drivers, all language packs, KDE 14.12, linux kernel 3.18.7 (linux-next is in the repo’s, following the 3.19 series), glibc 2.20, systemd 218, kmod 19, xorg-server 1.16.4, Qt 5.4.0 & Qt 4.8.6, mesa 10.4.5, calligra 2.8.92, clementine and the latest versions of qupzilla, octopi, kde-telepathy, seafile, and gcc 4.9.2.
For those wondering about gtk apps, firefox 35.0.1, chrome 42, thunderbird 31.4.0, ardour 3.5 are among the available in their latest version.

Known Issues

  • For UEFI installs it is not possible at this time to use any of the three automated partitioning options, only the fourth option can be used
  • If you want to use a GPT partition table on a BIOS system, make sure to set it up following this Guide, the installer’s partitioner can only handle GPT correctly for UEFI
  • If for any reason the install fails, the installer currently does not unmount the partition it needed to use for the install. Before restarting the install either umount manually or restart the Live mode
  • Installing on RAID, LVM, LUKS is currently not possible
  • When a drive contains a LUKS partition, Calamares will not start, see LUKS Bug report. It is needed to remove the LUKS partition before starting the installer

To create reliable Media for booting the Live ISO, please select USB or DVD and follow the instructions for either using an USB flash drive or DVD disc.

KaOS users make torrent downloads available, see the forum for the different options.