• December 6, 2014 - Early December ’14 Status - With a late October post about how to proceed with kf5 and the announcement of a new stable ISO November 6, last month was skipped for one of these "Early Month" posts. Resuming it again this month. - It is a bit of a chaotic situation for packagers regarding KDE, many things are very unclear, so... More →
  • November 6, 2014 - KaOS ISO 2014.11 - KaOS is proud to announce the availability of the November release of a new stable ISO. Since August updates were done to a good 1200 packages and to stay with the policy that a first pacman -Syu should be an uncomplicated one for new users means a new ISO is needed. - Testing for this ISO took... More →
  • October 30, 2014 - Plasma 5/Frameworks 5 plans & test ISO - There has been a lot of internal talk since May this year, and lately discussions on the forum and on the KaOS G+ channel about when and how to move to Plasma 5/Frameworks 5. Following those discussions, you know KaOS switching to Plasma 5 is getting closer. - From all that was said in those... More →
  • October 8, 2014 - Early October '14 Status - It probably looked like a quiet four weeks for most. And it is true no major visible changes have occurred, but things were far from quiet. - As with the goal of this distribution, packaging took most of the time. Major groups were updated, resulting in well over 600 packages build. Expect new... More →
  • September 10, 2014 - Early September '14 Status - Two things stand out for the last 4-5 weeks in the development of KaOS. - A move to UEFI capable ISOs has been in the works for about 5 months, but there finally is a working version available. The KaOS-kf5 2014.09.06 test-iso is a first that fully boots in BIOS, EFI and UEFI capable systems, using... More →
  • August 20, 2014 - KaOS ISO 2014.08 - With KDE releasing the new major version KDE 4.14.0, offering primarily improvements and bugfixes, KaOS is happy to be able to present you a new ISO with KDE 4.14.0 the same day it is released. KDE Applications 4.14 is not about lots of "new and improved stuff". As with KaOS, many KDE developers... More →

A lean KDE Distribution

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Download-iconKaOS lanza versiones ISO regularmente, de este modo ningún usuario(nuevo) tiene que enfrentarse a una larga y complicada primera actualización. Aquellos que ya tienen KaOS instalada no tienen que reinstalar, un simple “sudo pacman -Syu” los dejará siempre con lo último.

Notas de lanzamiento for KaOS 2014.06 ISO.

La versión de Junio viene con un instalador, drivers nvidia no-libres, todos los packs de idiomas, KDE 4.13.2, linux kernel 3.14.6 (linux-next está en los repo’s, el siguiente es la serie 3.15), glibc 2.19, systemd 212, kmod 17, xorg-server 1.15.1, Qt 4.8.6, QtWebkit 2.3.3, mesa 10.2.1, calligra 2.8.3, amarok 2.8.0 y las últimas versiones de qupzilla, octopi, kde-telepathy, kdenlive, plasma-mediacenter y Qt 5.3.0.
Para los que preguntan por aplicaciones GTK, firefox 30.0, chrome 37, thunderbird 24.6.0, ardour 3.5 se encuentran entre las disponibles en sus versiones mas recientes.

Para crear un Medio confiable para arrancar la Live ISO, por favor seleccione USB o DVD y siga las instrucciones para cualquiera de ellos usando un pendrive USB o disco DVD.

Los usuarios de KaOS han dejado disponible la descarga por torrent, vea en el foro las diferentes opciones.